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In the whole Serbia the situation of stray animals is terrible.
In fact, all Serbian city pounds use euthanasia to solve the problem of stray dogs, without caring that it is also absolutely illegal because, on 1st July 2011, Serbia ratified the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals. Indeed, the article 12 of the convention decides that when a country considers that the numbers of stray animals is a problem, it must take the appropriate measures to reduce their numbers in a way which doesn’t cause pain and suffering to animals. The convention also invites parties to reducing the reproduction of stray animals promoting the neutering of them.

The main problem is that Serbian animal protection laws are not implemented. 
It seems that public firms and their veterinaries receive public money for keeping and caring the caught dogs and cats, so veterinary inspectors don’t punish owners that abandon their animals, because of economic interests.

Since about six months ago, Belgrade was the only city with a catch-neuter-return program and in the three city pounds there was no euthanasia. The situation is dramatically changed when the government has started to receive too many complaints about attacks of stray dogs to humans, so it launched a campaign of capture but nobody knows what will be their destiny.
Pozega, about 200 km from Belgrade, is a sad example of the Serbian situation. There is a city pound called “Nas Dom”, meaning “Our Home” directed by the municipality, which collect dogs from eight other municipalities.

Here, dogs have really bad treatments and they being killed every 7-10 days, especially on Friday and sometimes on Wednesday. Local animal activists could enter in this “killing station” just two days a week and it’s forbidden to take photos. They testify that the personnel use rake to bring dogs in and out of the cages and that they also kick and hit dogs with rakes.


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