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In many countries, sexual acts with animals are not forbidden. In Denmark it is not clearly forbidden to have sex with animals, as long as the animal does not suffer.
So, the Danish Animal Welfare Act does not state that everyone can have sex with animals, but it simply does not specify that people cannot. Articles 1 and 2 say that “Animals must be treated properly and protected against pain, suffering, fear, lasting injury and significant harm to the widest extent possible” and that “Anyone who keeps animals must ensure that they are treated with consideration, including housing, feeding, watering and care with regard for their physiological, ethological and health needs in agreement with established practical and scientific experience”. The Animal Welfare Act is not clear enough, because it seems that the disgusting phenomenon of sex with animals is still widespread in the country.
So, the Danish legislation decides that people must not harm an animal and if they do so through the sexual act they will be punished but if they go through the sexual act without harming the animal it is ok. That is really mad and insane, then.

The OIPA member league Danish Animal Welfare Society (Dyrenes Beskyttelse) reported to us that “Annually for the past many years a motion on the complete ban on sex with animals has been put forward by the same opposition party in our parliament. No other party has voted in favor of this motion. Furthermore a majority of the people in our Council on Animal Ethics, which is a permanent working group under our Ministry of Agriculture, has said that they do not see any need for new legislation regarding sex with animals”.
Other Danish animal welfare organizations like “Dyrenes Venner” (Friends of Animals) are fighting for the immediate ban of sex with animals, collecting signatures and held protests.

The so called “zoophilia” is a growing phenomenon in Germany too. Until 1st September 1969, sex acts between humans and animals were punishable by § 175b of the Criminal Code. During the first Penal Reform, which led to an amendment of the current Penal Code, the criminal offense to bestiality has been repealed. So, sexual acts with animals are no longer punishable unless injures and psychological damages will be demonstrated. The German Animal Welfare Act § 17 and § 18 can only be applied when it is able to prove that the animal suffers severe damages. It is clear how impossible is to demonstrate a psychological damage and even a physical one, considering that these abuses take place in private houses.

In Germany there is an organization named ZETA, Zoophiles Engagement für Toleranz und Aufklärung (Zoophiles commitment for tolerance and enlightenment), which is a zoophile rights organization. They wrote us their point of view: the zoophiles are people who have a loving relation to the animal which is also a sexual partner and they do not do any harm to their animals. They also told us that they are afraid to become criminals, if the law will change. It is the maximum of absurdity of abusing of an animal using the pretext of “love”.

All animals are creatures with their own dignity, which must have respect by humans, because they deserve that.

Elisa Norelli
OIPA International Campaigns Director


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