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20 may 2013

The Haryana government has decided to ban the transport of animals to slaughter house in goods transport vehicles. The Urban Local Bodies department, Haryana has asked the Transport department to ensure compliance of the decision.
In a communication to Principal Secretary, Transport Department, Haryana on Tuesday, P Raghvendra Rao, the Principal Secretary, Urban Local Bodies, Haryana attributed the decision to the meeting of state level body on slaughter house and a Supreme Court judgment on special provisions for the transport of animals.

A copy of communication revealed that ULB department has asked the Transport department to ensure transportation of animals on the basis of their shape and size instead of transportation on the basis of their weight.
It is requested that necessary instructions may kindly be issued to the Regional Transport Authorities that at the time of passing /registering the goods vehicles, an undertaking may kindly be obtained from the owners that the passed vehicles will not be used to carry animals,'' the communication further read.
The decision followed the proposal by Naresh Kadyan, Representative of the International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India and member of state level body on slaughter houses in Haryana. “There had been incidents wherein animals have died on the way to slaughter houses due to poor transportation facilities. The animals could barely stand in the vehicle they were being transported.

This is the cruelty against animals. Now, the special vehicles have to be designed and the vehicle should have enough space to ensure that animal can easily travel without any unnecessary pain and sufferings'' Naresh Kadyan said.
According to the Cattle Transport Rules, 1978 amended in 2001, besides having sufficient space for movement of animal with enclosures, the transporter has to ensure sufficient fodder as well as water in the vehicle with a clause related to speed limit of the vehicle to be used for transportation, Kadyan added.
Hundreds of animals are transported to various parts of country from Haryana for the purpose of slaughter everyday. Largely the animals are transported to the slaughter houses in UP, Delhi, J&K, Punjab, Bihar and West Bengal.


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