Strays in Albania spend their life just trying to survive to the next day from episodes of cruelty and abuse. They don’t have respite in a country in which their presence irritates people and authorities. Stray dogs and cats are not welcomed here. Many of them will never experience the feeling of receiving a cuddle and, when the miracle happens human evilness is anyway behind the corner.

A volunteer found in Vlora all her rescue dogs poisoned. Those dogs would have travelled to Italy the very next day having the opportunity to hope for a better future but their dream and life have been brutally broken.

Homeless cats and dogs don’t have chance here even because the rate of local adoptions is very low. The only opportunity for them is to travel abroad.

Local associations and volunteers do their best to protect those animals offering them and just with their own means care and assistance, but they are all alone to fight against people ignorance and authorities’ indifference. In Albania, there are no policies and regulations concerning the management of stray animals and not even public shelters for animals in need.

Today, we want to lend a hand to our member league Animal Rescue Albania.

Help ARSA be always on site to rescue and assist animals that otherwise wouldn’t have a chance.

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