A few days ago, OIPA volunteers rescued from the countryside of Avellino province, in Italy, a dog so much skinny that her ribs and bones were clearly visible. At the attempt of a volunteer to catch her, the dog dropped to the ground screaming in pain. Her screams of terror were so excruciating to make volunteers, after years of experience, fell terribly bad.

No one knows exactly what Alice suffered and went through, the only certainty is that humans’ mistreatment and abuse left a deep wound into her soul.

Once rescued, Alice was taken to the vet where a very dire clinical picture emerged from the first examinations. Her health conditions were so critical to be incompatible with life: severely undernourished, weighing just 9.7 kg, she urged an emergency blood transfusion to survive. Volunteers are waiting for laboratory tests results, including the test for ehrlichia and leishmaniasis; meanwhile they have opened their home to foster Alice, who is still in critical conditions helping her regain strength.

Specific food, medicines, supplements and regular veterinary checks are necessary for Alice to heal completely. Help them with a contribution to support Alice’s needs.

Make a donation, specifying “OIPA ITALY – ALICE”