The terrible explosion that ripped through Beirut on August 4, 2020 has killed more than 170 people, injured more than 6,000, caused 300,000 people homeless, and billions of dollars of damages and businesses lost. Many parts of the city have been destroyed. Beirut was declared “disaster zone” and has now to face a humanitarian emergency with the health and economic system collapsing and food and supplies start missing.

The explosion here affected not only people who got injured, lost familiars, affections, homes and commodities but also animals suffered terribly because of this horrific disaster.

Our member league Animals Lebanon has been on the ground since day one organizing search groups to help families who lost their pets and rescuing and assisting animals badly injured in all areas of the city.

The team and over 250 volunteers are doing their best to give assistance and help every animal affected by the devastating explosion, but the number of reports increases daily, instead of reducing, and more animals need to be rescued and are in need of veterinary care.

To facilitate the reunion between families and their displaced animals, the association created the Album “LOST & FOUND pets during explosion 4 AUG 2020”.

In addition, a team of local and international vets and nurses are checking, treating and spaying/neutering animals.

Animals Lebanon continues to provide food and medical care to all pets injured and lost but supplies start running out and they need help to save as many lives as possible.

There are still many rescued animals they are temporarily caring for, those that have owners who have passed away or owners that cannot currently care for them, but also many strays that were injured and need medications.

More than ever, Animals Lebanon must not be left alone. Your help can save a life


Support our colleagues with a donation to help animals who have lost everything, please do it and specify “Donation for Animals Lebanon”.