The consequences of the global Covid-pandemic hit Cambodia in March and April 2021 and a hard lockdown was implemented basically overnight. For several weeks, no one was allowed to leave their homes – only for buying food or medical emergencies and as you can imagine, the extended lockdown increased the already tough hardship of vulnerable caretakers of cats and dogs in Cambodia and created a situation where animal guardians struggled to care for their beloved family members. In some cases, they couldn’t even afford a bag of food anymore. Disadvantaged and vulnerable Cambodians were particularly affected by the loss of income and jobs.

Desperate to gather food and medical care for themselves and their cats and dogs, many people were about to dump their animals at local Buddhist pagodas or at the door of animal charity organizations like our OIPA member league Animal Rescue Cambodia. Innocent cats and dogs were about to lose their homes, their food, and access to health and human care. Dumped at Buddhist pagodas, they would be vulnerable to fall victim to the thriving dog and cat meat trade.

Fortunately, our friends of Animal Rescue Cambodia with the help of their supporters were able in the second quarter of 2021 to:

  • save 300 animals (spayed and neutered at the ARC clinic, vaccinated, medically treated)
  • distribute 400kg of cat and dog food to disadvantaged animal caretakers
  • rehome 20 animals (adoption/foster)

As happened to…

Marie Claire

This sweet dog came to Animal Rescue Cambodia center, suffering from very painful and large TVT (transmissible venereal tumor), which is transmitted when dogs mate. That’s why spay and neuter is the only option to prevent this suffering and other diseases and prevent the born of unwanted litter that are then abandoned increasing the number of stray dogs on the territory!

Thanks to the support of the amazing ARC community, Animal Rescue Cambodia was able to provide Marie Claire intensive treatment and give her the time, space, and care for a great recovery.

Kitten Dumping

ARC’s volunteers observed an increased amount of kitten dumping in front of the center. Despite the efforts to communicate and provide alternatives for kitten dumping, the number of baby cats abandoned in the middle of the night outside of ARC’s gate has increased from zero at the end of 2020 to around 5 kittens per week these days. Of course, they do our best to help them. They feed them every couple of hours (including nights and weekends), give them medicine, and lots of cuddles and love. Once they are old enough and healthy, they will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and rehomed into loving fur-ever homes.


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