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The feline oasis “La Valle” in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, has finally become a safe haven for many cats that would otherwise have been decimated by disease. Indeed, the feline oasis shelters cats that suffer from terrible diseases such as FIV, FeLV; FIP and Herpes Virus, which affect mainly free roaming cats.

These infectious diseases, for which no decisive treatment exists, weaken the immune system. These vulnerable cats need continuous care, frequent veterinary inspections, medical monitoring and administration of drugs.

There is always a great need for medicines and supplements for La Valle feline inhabitants! Drugs are necessary to manage symptoms and prevent their diseases from getting worse.

La Valle is a real sanctuary of peace and serenity. It could not be otherwise: The cats who live there need quiet to avoid a deterioration in their state of health. Many people also see these infectious diseases as a problem, and consequently most of the cats will never get adopted. This is why the feline oasis is for the cats who live there a safe place to call ‘home’.

All of this is possible by the daily efforts of our volunteers and by the large use of specific drugs and supplements. For this, OIPA Volunteers of Ascoli Piceno launch an appeal to the solidarity of all to help the oasis’ cats live a long and healthy life. We are in dire need of HERP (supplement for Herpes Virus), complementary feed VMP and other supplements.

And that’s not all: OIPA Blue Angels are committed daily to tackle the numerous reports they receive every day on strays, sick cats, cat-moms that need sterilization and abandoned kittens needing milk.