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These lucky pups where saved by OIPA Azerbaijan and Dog House, in a country where the Executive Authority has been carrying out mass shootings of stray dogs. The Toplan Care Centre for Homeless Dogs, created in Baku, the capital, was supposed to improve the situation of strays, providing medical care and implementing a sterilizing and releasing program. Instead, it has become a prison where the dogs are soon put down. OIPA’s volunteers are doing their best to save as many animals as possible.

Azerbaijan is a country where there are no laws protecting innocent stray dogs. The circumstances are appalling, dogs are being poisoned, tortured and killed on the streets, day and night. Animal advocates do not have any support from the government.

OIPA Azerbaijan needs your help to be able to feed, vaccinate and spay/neuter the five sweet dogs that are now in their care. Lily is the oldest and she is looking for a forever home, the puppies are three girls and one boy. Please make a donation in their favor specifying OIPA Azerbaijan in the purpose.

You can also sign the petition to stop the mass killing of stray dogs:


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