On the 23th of September 2016, OIPA received an official letter from the Municipality of Bitola. They said that after, the release of OIPA report about presumed abuses in the zoo, and they checked the situation in the facility.

They said that the Zoo was founded 60 years ago and was recently renewed. The reconstruction was carried out within the project “Innovative educational programs for strengthening the natural resources in the cross-border region Pelagonia/Florina”. Within the reconstruction were encompassed the habitats of the following animals: bears, lions, tigers, monkeys.

On the 3rd of September Bitola Zoo was visited by exotic animal rescue centre AAP (Animal Advocacy and Protection) with the objective to establish first contact. In relation to AAP’s rescue and outplacement activities in Europe, AAP offered some practical advice and assistance that could help Bitola Zoo in structurally improving the welfare of the animals that are kept there.

They continued saying that the zoo has its own cooling chamber in which is stored only beef meat.

They underlined the fact that the visit in the zoo increased from 11.627 persons in 2014 to 21.115 in 2015; that 2 millions denars have been invested in the zoo and that the Zoo is under constant supervision of a local Veterinary Inspector appointed by the Food and Veterinary Agency of the Republic of Macedonia.

They said that the animal fund has been increased with a unique collection of animals! Furthermore, they said that OIPA damaged the Zoo reputation.



OIPA will ask to the Municipality the official documents of their inspection in the Zoo.

Furthermore, the zoo has been charged of mistreating straydogs, and it is not even mentioned in the lettre, and we have prooved that there are cages where the dogs are kept. OIPA will ask to answer this charges.

The zoo was built for an educational project, which involves the conservation of local regions and fauna and flora species, therefore OIPA is wondering why use lions, tigers and monkeys which DO NOT BELONGS to Macedonia? OIPA expects an answer over this issues, too.

The whole lettre shows how the Municipality is concerned over the money invested in the Zoo, the number of visitors, the UNIQUE COLLECTION OF ANIMALS, and not about the animal welfare.

OIPA is concerned over ANIMAL WELLNESS, PROTECTION AND CONSERVATION OF ENDANGERED SPECIES (AS TIGERS) IN SANCTUARIES (NOT ZOOS) and, furthermore OIPA would like to point out that ANIMALS ARE NOT A COLLECTION OF FANCY OBJECTS, they are living creatures which deserve better then be kept in a zoo in cages to be shown to visitors in order to raise money.

OIPA will investigate over this issues and the zoo situation, this lettre shows the lack of interest of the Municipality for the animals, instead they are really concerned about the Zoo business.

Read the full story here: https://www.oipa.org/international/close-bitola-zoo/


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Hereby to express my deepest indignation for the mistreatment to which the animals in the Bitola Zoo are condemned to live. Bears, lions, tigers, monkeys are wonderful wild animals, and they need to live freely. Confine them in little cages to be shown to clients is an horrific and irresponsible behaviour, that does not consider the importance of this endangered animals’ lives, and of their role in the environment balance. I'm asking to start searching for a better place where those animals will be able to spend the rest of their life. I’m asking to take strict legal action against the responsibles of the abuses and close the Bitola Zoo.
Personally, I will not visit Macedonia, and I will ask all my acquaintances to do the same, until this situation will be solved.

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