Our Representative in Cameroon Mr Che Gilbert Ayunwi appointed Ambassador of the World Animal Day

The World Animal takes place every year on the 4th of October.

It concerns ALL animals and its aim is to mobilize general respect for them all over the world by persuading organizations, communities, schools, businesses in making this day special no matter from what corner of the world they come from as long as they are united for their cause. Animals in this way can finally be considered a ‘Social topic’ as important as all the others and can be thought of as ‘Creatures’ as much as humans are.

In the past, the Animal day has been used to exert pressure on politics as it happened in Egypt where animalists tried to add to the existing constitution animal rights or in Sudan, that adopted a law that aims at protecting animals

Nepal Ambassador Sharma describes this event as an “annual marker to measure progress.”

Indeed the World Animal day is precisely this: a test to see how civil human beings can be !!

Participation to world Animal day increases each year:

2003: 44 events were held in 13 countries

Today: 1000 events in 100 countries!

Awareness campaigns, shelter open days for possible adoptions, conferences, workshops, concerts, films, spay & Neuter treatments, rabies vaccinations, TV interviews, peaceful protests marches are just some of the activities organized on the occasion of this very very special day !!!

Today 11 March 2019 CHE GILBERT AYUNWI from OIPA office in Cameroon has been appointed Ambassador of the World Animal Day!!

World Animal Day Ambassadors are volunteers who carry out two primary roles

1.Create awareness of the World Animal Day movement and its mission to raise the status of animals, in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.

2.Encourage animal welfare organisations, community groups, youth & children’s clubs, businesses & individuals to organise events in celebration of this special day.

OUR representative Che Gilbert is in touch with the Cameroonian government, institutions, partners, civil society and communities, and works to improve animal status and for the creation of a better environment.

Awareness campaigns in Cameroon are ongoing, moreover, recently 600 stray and owned dogs and cats have been treated or vaccinated. Furthermore, in Chomba village 3000 trees have been planted to improve the natural habitat of wildlife and many endangered species and the quality of the water for individuals.

OIPA congratulates Mr Che Gilbert for this important goal. But animals living in Cameroon still need your help!

You can make a difference to wildlife as well as pets living in Cameroon in a very immediate and direct way by making a donation, however big or small, to our cause. 

Causal: OIPA Cameroon