Thanks to a grant from AKI Animal Kind International and in collaboration with the Ministry of Livestock, OIPA Cameroon had the opportunity to expand its usual activities in defence of the animals.

Our volunteers had a few busy and intense weeks!!

Through an awareness campaign run in five primary schools, we reached a high number of pupils and taught them the 5 freedoms of animals and some tips on how to best connect with pets.

We also educated rural communities on responsible pet ownership and provided free treatment and vaccines to over 40 cats and dogs in need through our mobile clinic. In our previous campaigns, we realised that older people are often unable to bring their pets to the venue. They love their pets, but despite this, a lack of financial means and difficulty in moving makes it impossible for them to provide good medical assistance to their companions. For this, we spent a few days to visiting pets owned by the elderly in their own homes, where cats and dogs were vaccinated and treated against bacterial infection.

Thanks again to AKI for financing our activities! 

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