August was an intense and challenging month full of activities for OIPA Azerbaijan!

Thanks to your donations, it was possible to start a feral cats sterilisation project. Our volunteers trapped, neutered and released back on their territory of origin 3 nice female cats.

They are the very first cats sterilised by OIPA in Azerbaijan. Only with your continued support, we can continue this project. No one really cares about stray cats in the country. Cats are unwanted, mistreated by most people, and often subjected to violence. It is therefore essential to solve the problem of feline overpopulation.

In the next months, the realisation of a massive stray cats sterilisation program will be a priority for OIPA Azerbaijan.

Also in August, our Blue Angels visited the lovely dogs kept in the ‘Razino Shelter’ and brought them dog food donated by compassionate local people.

Today the situation with stray dogs in Azerbaijan is shameful; animal advocates don’t have any kind of support and the government doesn’t even want to accept our assistance in solving the issue. On the contrary, animal advocates and stray dogs seem like ‘terrorists’ to them.

Dogs in Azerbaijan are mistreated, poisoned, illegally shot to death and  mass-murdered by the means of euthanasia every day. For this, another field of activities is influencing Azerbaijani institutions by asking them to immediately adopt effective measures to implement humane dog population control methods. In case you have not done yet, please sign this petition!

The above, are just some of the activities carried out during the last month. To know more, please follow OIPA Azerbaijan FB page or contact the country’s representative at:

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