Many people may consider Turkey as one of the most virtuous countries concerning the treatment reserved to stray animals, but remember…sometimes the truth is not exactly as it seems. More than 5,000 stray dogs live totally abandoned only in the area of Kurtköy Forest – outside Istanbul – and after the speech of President Erdoğan on Dec. 25 the future of those animals is even more uncertain.

Turkish President ordered municipalities to remove stray dogs from the streets and place them in shelters, which unfortunately are known to be in terrible conditions all over the country.

On the same day of the speech, while we were all concerned about the future of stray dogs in Turkey, our tireless volunteers spent the entire Christmas day feeding the so many adults and puppies they constantly take care for in the area of Kurtköy.

OIPA Turkey’s volunteers distributed about 300 kg of dry and wet food donated by OIPA International with your immense support to the project “Save a Stray”. A day full of happiness for these dogs.

❤️ You can continue to help stray animals in Turkey. They are so much in need of food and medical treatment.

Every little help can make a huge difference for their life❤️