Ciuffo was trembling like a leaf when the volunteers of OIPA Italy arrived on site to rescue him. This little dog weighting just 6 kg was found lonely and frightened in a lost place among the brambles. Ciuffo was cold, very weak, undernourished and almost without fur.

Brought to the vet for examination and check, Ciuffo was luckily negative to leshmania and erlichia, but very anemic and suffering from scab.

Immediately fostered by OIPA’s volunteers, who are treating him with medicated baths, antibiotic therapy and supplements, Ciuffo needs to regain lost strength. As soon as this sweetie, who is very young, about a year old, is healed, he will also need to find a family forever that can make him forget the suffering he experienced due to abandonment.

Any help will be invaluable in supporting his care. Heartfelt thanks to those who can support him.