If you want to help…

Animals need help from all of us. The fight for animal rights is long and hard. People willing to spend part of their time and energies are needed in order to stop the tortures and cruelties that millions of animals suffer everyday.

Even a little is enough, even a couple of hours every month can make a difference for the animals. Everyone can contribute according to his own capacities, time and skills.

Help from all of us is precious, do not leave alone the ones who can not defend themselves! OIPA branches work autonomously and each one carries out the issues and fights more urgent according to the local needs. DONATIONS - 10 € - FOOD FOR ANIMALS - 20 € - MEDICAMENTS FOR ANIMALS - 50 € - SPAY SURGERY FOR STRAY ANIMALS - 100 € - RECOVERING THERAPIES FOR WOUNDED ANIMALS Thank you for your support!



Registered person: OIPA - Organizzazione Internazionale Protezione Animali

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