Another hellish place for stray animals, a land where dogs are brutally shot and poisoned every day. A place where most of the people do not show mercy even to small puppies or pregnant dogs and prefer instead to poison or hit them with bricks leaving them to die.

A place of hunger, loneliness and no future for animals. A place where animals’ lifeless bodies are abandoned on the street or in open landfills. A place where volunteers struggle and do not sleep at night trying to find a way to help these innocents. In a recent “hunting campaign” 250 stray dogs & 80 cats were shot in 3 days only, most have them were females still breast feeding.

In Damascus, there is a volunteer named Annie who has worked hard to realize a shelter (Sarah’s shelter) where stray dogs can find protection and salvation from certain death. Unfortunately, many of these dogs are sick or severely injured and without external support, she can’t keep helping them with medications, treatments and food. There are dogs with deep wounds, cancer, disabilities, other should be sterilized and vaccinated but the risk for dogs without support is that, despite being saved from bullets and poison, they will anyway die inside the shelter.

Don’t turn away, lend your hand

If you want to donate 👉 contact directly Annie by email at 📧

(PayPal DOES NOT ACCEPT donation for this country – DO NOT MENTION!)