We all known how a large number of pets and strays were affected worldwide due to covid-19 last one and a half year. Specially strays that couldn’t be fed and cared properly because of the many restrictions, which didn’t allow people to leave their home and look after them. Many strays were used to roam around hotels, markets and street side snacks centres for finding food and water, but being shops and facilities closed; surviving has been very difficult for them. Moreover, the population of stray dogs and cats increased substantially, because many animals were abandoned by their owners after the rise of economic difficulties and the loss of job.

That is why the docufilmMy Pet Story” came into the mind and the action of the animal lover Mr. Vishal Sakhala (#VS), multitasking artist and “stray rapper” that with his own efforts and resources and the support of Bharati Motion Pictures was able to travel across India to document stories of love and compassion for animals. These stories are collected to raise awareness, to promote love, protection, respect and compassion for animals, to promote a message of adoption and caring about strays.

The first inspiring story under our collaboration, entitled “Chosen”, will be released on 26 September 2021 on the main social media platforms. The story narrates about a retired Coronal from Indian Army Mr. Rohit Tiwari who have adopted with his family couple of stray dogs with special needs and other four homeless dogs. Usually after working for the Indian Army and serving the nation, he would have relaxed and enjoyed his life with good retirement pension but he has instead chosen to work for strays till end of his life. He is now working for the wellbeing of stray animals with his team of his charity Tails & Trees.

Stay tuned for this highly emotional pet story