This dog has been brutally beaten in the Emirate of Fujairah (UAE). Now, look at his eyes, he is struggling to survive despite his critical condition. A dog who was used to be friendly and docile with humans but at the end horribly betrayed. The aggression was so violent and savage to disfigure his muzzle with deep wounds and injured heavily his legs. And.. look at this cat roaming around the street of Dubai with her dead kitten still hanging from her body.

Homeless animals in the UAE continue to be cruelly abused and mistreated. There is no respect for their life, their suffering and their pain. They have no rights! They are invisible in a country known worldwide for his wealth, luxury and ostentation.

Together with Uae Animals International we demand the UAE authorities to:

🔹 implement laws against animal cruelty and abuse;

🔹 apply severe punishments to those found guilty,

🔹 give animals the rights they deserve

🔹 urgently adopt TNR programmes to keep control and manage ethically and successfully on the long term the population of stray animals without killing them

🔹 educate citizens to respect and protect animals

It’s time for a change!!!

You can help us buy food for homeless animals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, even with a small donation (just specify “Food for stray animals in UAE or “Project Save a Stray)