Those who view hunting as a sport like any other, enjoyed by people who call themselves “lovers of nature and animals” should think long and hard about this. This definition is complete nonsense and contradictory. Hunting is useless and barbaric, and it claims thousands upon thousands of victims both direct (hunted animals) and indirect (hunting dogs).

The life of hunting dogs is a sad and miserable one. They are obliged to accompany their owners on hunting trips to satisfy their thirst for blood. Ironically, these are the only moments of freedom for these dogs that are most times mistreated, kept in small areas, malnourished, deprived of social contacts with their own and the humans. Hunters are exploiters of poor dogs, and have no regards for life.

Unfortunately, GEMMA knows well how tough a life behind bars is. Gemma is a sweet hunting dog, abandoned in the wilds of Sicily, perhaps because she lacked hunting skills. Moreover, Gemma was about to give birth! After wandering around for days in search of food, she gave birth to seven puppies, inside a wooden fruit box.

OIPA Palermo volunteers rescued Gemma and her puppies.

They all need medical care. The list of veterinary charges is a mile long: deworming pills, vaccines, food, Gemma’s sterilisation… OIPA office in Palermo needs help as never before. Gemma and her puppies are not the only dogs rescued by OIPA blue angels in Palermo: there are several other dogs that are sheltered awaiting adoption. There are so many emergencies, especially during summertime.

Please help Gemma and her puppies!

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