The shelter El Refu, run by Nicolas Damien, is located in Argentina in Entre Rios and is home to abandoned greyhounds and other mixed breed dogs.

Nicolas declares: “Running a shelter is not easy, that is why we always ask for the collaboration of people and we try to raise funds for all expenses such as vet treatments, care, food and supplies for animals. Now we are trying to renovate the shelter, fixing roof, old ceilings, walls and floors. We do not have any support from the government, so really every help is welcome. Our mission is to save dogs’ lives and we will do everything possible to continue rescuing more and more. These dogs are devastated in their bodies and their souls but they deserve a chance to rebirth because all animals deserve love and respect.

While in Spain thousands of greyhounds are killed or abandoned when the hunting season ends; in Argentina they not only are exploited for hunting but also employed for illegal and clandestine races, treated as objects then discarded as garbage when no more needed or useful.

The mission of El Refu is to rescue greyhounds and vulnerable dogs on the verge of death recovering them from their physical and psychological destruction caused by humans who have hurt, abused and abandoned them.

With the right approach, with care, love and attention these gentle dogs can recover and start a new and happy life far away from mistreatment they suffered.

El Refu needs everyone’s help to continue with their activities and conclude the shelter’s renovation for guaranteeing the rescued animals a secure and safe place to sleep waiting for a responsible adoption.

For more info contact: Nicolas Damien,