Volunteers of OIPA Turkey are running out of food and if they can’t feed stray dogs in the area of Kurtkoy forest outside Istanbul, many of them will probably die especially new born puppies!

It is usual to see dogs looking into the garbage trying to find something to eat and in the worst cases, when they can’t find something edible, they arrive to attack their fellows or even kill puppies to sate their hunger.

Volunteers do their best to provide dogs food and feed them properly, but when they don’t have enough economic resources, it is difficult to help all of them as there is not only food to buy, but also expenses for medication, vet examinations and treatments.

You can donate food to the over 500 strays cared for by OIPA Turkey

🥮  👉 www.ormanamama.com/kurtkoy-dilsiz-patileri

🛫 If you are outside Turkey, select the English language and choose an international method of payment

🚛 Food will be delivered directly to OIPA Turkey.

ℹ If you require assistance during the procedure, please contact turkey@oipa.org