French deputies and senators reached an agreement on October, 21 on a proposed law bill against animal abuse.

This consensus will make it possible to introduce into the law new provisions aimed at regulating the keeping of domestic animals, combating cruelty to animals and putting an end to the use of wild animals for commercial purposes.


  • banning the sale of puppies and kittens at pet stores from 1 st January 2024 and immediate prohibition on showing animals in shop windows;
  • a better regulation on the sale of animals online to fight animal illegal trafficking and prevent impulse purchases which lead to too many abandons;
  • the issue of a certificate of knowledge before acquiring a pet , mentioning the specific needs of the animal;
  • the tightening of penalties applicable in the event of abuse, mistreatment and acts of cruelty towards animals, as well as the sanctions applicable in the event of abandonment. (Acts of cruelty will be punished by 3 years’ imprisonment and a fine of € 45,000 and, if the act resulted in the death of the animal, the penalty increases to 5 years and a € 75,000 fine).
  • the end of the commercial exploitation of wild species , by prohibiting their acquisition and reproduction within 2 years and their presence in traveling circuses within 7 years;
  • a ban on keeping cetaceans in dolphinaria within 5 years;
  • a ban on the breeding of American mink and animals of other species raised exclusively for the production of fur

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The text must be voted on November 15 by the National Assembly and the Senate without modification