The Fisheries Department of the state of Haryana issued an advisory to protect and preserve the exotic and migratory species of birds in the Haryana State.

This advisory states that no fish farmer will use the bird nets on their fishponds, as they are harmful for the exotic and migratory species of the birds in the Haryana.

Apart from this, the concerned officer will issue directions in their district to discontinue the activities that are harmful and/or disfavourab

le and dangerous for both flora and fauna. Keeping in view the food chain, there will be no restrictions for exotic species for birds to hunt their food, from now on.

OIPA India played a crucial role in the adoption of this advisory. OIPA International is truly grateful for the hard work that its representative in India Naresh Kadyan is carrying out in the animal protection regulatory field in his country.

These measures mark a significant success. However, that is still not enough. OIPA India asks for further improvement of migratory birds’ protection legislation. More specifically, we demand:

    1. 1. Introduction of a Migratory Birds Treaty Act;
    1. 2. Protection cover under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 for born & brought up in India but look like exotic species as per their shape and size;
    1. 3. Restoration of five freedoms of migratory birds;
    1. 4. Animal Welfare Board of India issue advisory for educational purpose along with regulation, to safeguard the five freedoms of migratory birds.

Migratory birds’ basic freedoms are worth protecting, sign this petition!

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