Also this year, as the Easter period approaches, we have to face the bloody killing of lambs once again. If Easter is a Christian tradition aimed at spreading and celebrating a feeling of peace and rebirth,  represented by the purity and beauty of a white lamb, then we cannot be accomplices of his death and stay deaf to the cry of pain when he is prematurely torn from his mom’s care.

What happens to lambs?

There are still hundreds of thousands of lambs to whom the life is denied and that are prematurely taken away from their mothers, already painfully marked by their stay in intensive farms, when they still need their warmth and protection. Babies, just a few weeks old, about 30/40 days, are taken away to be brutally and cruelly killed in slaughterhouses and only for a practise nowadays completely unjustified. Slaughterhouses are places of pain, torture, fear and dismay where these little ones face a certain death amidst heartwrenching bleating and suffering, and no one here will have the slightest pity and respect for their dignity and above all for their life.

Lambs close to death are gathered and locked up for hours in confined and limited spaces, in poor sanitary conditions and in a state of hypothermia. Their eyes are full of terror, they urinate continuously for fear, they paw scared until they get hurt, and no one will ever listen to their heartbreaking cry for help.

The truth inside a slaughterhouse is made up of barbarism practiced most of the time in an irregular manner: abuse, violence, mistreatment, unjustified and unnecessary suffering; but the reality is that there are no acceptable practices, because unacceptable is to take away the life of any living being.

Lambs are violently loaded and unloaded, beaten and dragged, thrown and kicked, jerked, grabbed by the neck and piled on top of each other. They then undergo the illegal practice of weighing: they are tied, hoisted and weighed in groups, and then killed without even being stunned and, if they are, they do not always reach death unconscious but the pain felt is alive and throbbing. Lambs hear the others gasping, moaning and dying, slaughtered one in front of the other. Slaughtered lambs are thrown on those still alive, as proof that their short existence has the same value of their death. Their legs are even cut to allow the entry of a compression gun which, by blowing air, separates the skin from the muscles.

Is this horrible and unacceptable, right?

Now that you have faced the reality instead of pretending not to know, you should consider a radical change in our way of life also through our diet and your way of eating. OIPA International supports and promotes a plant-based/vegan lifestyle aimed to safeguard, defend and protect our animals, all of them with no exception, in order to give them back the dignity and the right to life that have been denied too many times.

❤️ Let’s start with him, DON’T EAT HIM AT EASTER! ❤️