This 4-months puppy was found exhausted and suffering on a street of Albania.

The pain for his broken leg was so strong that he could not move, the wound so deep and the bones, smashed in several parts, were exposed. He laid down on the ground shacking continuously for the fear and the extreme pain.

Probably hit by a car, the poor dog did not receive assistance by the driver who ran away as nothing happened instead of helping him.

Volunteers of Animal Rescue Albania, OIPA’s member league, rushed on site to assist him. They took the puppy to a vet just on time to save his life. The conditions of the dog were critical. The x-ray exam showed that the only solution for the injured leg should have been an immediate amputation. Furthermore, Mario was found affected by parvovirus.

His right front leg was finally amputated. The surgery went well and this three-legged puppy is now recovering nicely after following some therapy and once recovered completely, the association will try to find for him a special adoption abroad, because dogs with disabilities does not have too much opportunity in Albania.

❤️ If you want to help Mario be back on truck or you live in Italy or Germany, countries where the association has direct contact for adoption, you may think to welcome this special puppy in your family! ❤️