OIPA has the pleasure to welcome the Danish-Bosnian rescue organization Marianne`s Dog Food Bank (MDFB) as new member league. The association was founded in 2011 by a Danish woman called Marianne and 2 Bosnian women Amila and Ivana and was registered in Denmark in 2015.

The main goal is to rescue and feed strays of Tuzla in Bosnia and try to find adoption for some of those dogs. Throughout the years, they have managed to relocate many dogs to new homes – mostly in Holland, Denmark & Germany.

They own 3 mini “no kill” shelters in Bosnia and Herzegovina where about 30 rescued dogs are well cared for. These shelters are located in the gardens of some caretakers, so the dogs can be monitored 24/7. All dogs are spayed/neutered, have passports, microchip and vaccination. Shelters host also senior dogs, dogs with metal traumas or physical problems and for which the adoption is very rare. For these dogs, MDFB tries to make their life as much comfortable and beautiful as possible.

The first mini shelter is called “Dawn`s Nest” and it houses up to 9 dogs. The facility has kennels and an old renovated 2-rooms house. One room is for quarantine and the other reserved to old dogs and puppies where heat is provided in wintertime. The shelter has also a tiny pool, which makes dogs really happy during summer. A man who is a veterinary technician runs this shelter and this place is a little heaven.

The second mini shelter is called “PuppyVille” and hosts small or younger dogs. Dogs can rehabilitate and socialize faster here and usually are easier to adopt because of their size and age. Last year volunteers built a new room with tiles and heat to help small dogs get through winter easier.

The third mini shelter is called “Neverland” where feral and traumatized dogs can spend their days outside but then sleep safe and inside the indoor kennels. There are 13 dogs in this shelter now. Some of these dogs have been traumatized by dog catchers, some others have been used as baits in dog fights and even though they are afraid of humans, they are at the same time happy in their packs and love to play. The caretaker is an elderly man and his wife whom they trust and know.

What makes things hardest for the association are adoptions of dogs that are healthy and socialized but have some small behaviour issues – as not liking cats. This makes things really hard and they have so many good dogs sitting in a cold kennel for years. Therefore, while they battle to find for them good homes, it`s been very hard to provide all these dogs food. Donations are never enough to cover dogs needs and food transportation from Denmark to Bosnia is expensive and complicated.

The association  is really in need for food not just to feed dogs they have in their mini shelters, but also to feed the so many stray dogs roaming the streets, without food these dogs will not survive. There are also a number of dogs who, due to injuries and age cannot eat dry food so wet food is necessary.


How to help?

➡ You can contact or donate directly to the association (website link)

➡ You can donate for our project “Save a Stray” or specifying “Donation for Marianne`s Dog Food Bank”