OIPA Nepal and the Nepal Animal Welfare and Research Center (NAWRC) bring compassion and care to communities. Here, dogs are saved and cared for. Volunteers use their own voice to make the “voiceless” be heard and change this world into a better place for animals and mankind.

One of the main activities they carry out is the management of the population of stray dogs in the municipality of Banepa. Here, dogs live and hunt in packs and can sometimes cause trouble to the communities, as they hunt cows to live, become aggressive towards people and carry rabies, a contagious disease that can be transmitted to humans from saliva of infected animals.

The population needs to be controlled before the number of puppies increases and cause even more problems. This is why OIPA Nepal and NAWRC travel with a special vehicle that allows them to capture the dogs and carry them to vet clinics, where they will be spayed or neutered. They are also vaccinated against rabies and, then, released back in their territory, where they are used to live. After surgery, there is a follow up. The dogs’ process of recovery is monitored even after their release to make sure they will not suffer any complications.

Furthermore, private citizens call and ask for help when they find dogs that need assistance, e.g. after a hit-and-run. Volunteers cure bites caused by fighting, wounds result of animal cruelty and treat the animals for maggots and other parasites.  In the Kavrepalanchok District, many dogs suffer from a severe form of mange called “luto” and are therefore being bathed with special products.

The dogs are loved and cared for and the people are being taught about their welfare and rights.

Please donate to OIPA Nepal to help the dogs that are in need, remember to specify “OIPA Nepal” in the purpose.

You can also visit NAWRC’s website http://nawrc.org/