The weather is finally lovely in Athens. Sun is shining, temperatures are higher and a soft breeze is blowing on the city, but warm weather can’t anyway soften the tireless work of Nine Lives’ volunteers who feed over 500 stray cats on a daily basis and keep helping animals through trap-neuter-release programme, vet care and treatment as well as adoptions.

As expected, the cat food price has recently skyrocketed due to the war in Ukraine, reason why volunteers are asking for your help to continue their work. This year the main objective set by the charity is to boost the number of animals under their TNR programme. They hope to exceed the sum of 1700 cats neutered in recent years, as neutering is the only viable and long-term solution to keep controlled the population of stray animals. No matter how many adoptions take place, no matter how many cats the tireless volunteers rescue, unless stray cats are all neutered nothing else makes a profound difference. The responsibility for the stray cat management remains in the hands of charities like Nine Lives, institutions do not care that much and charities rely solely on kind people like donors.

An extra challenge, affecting Nine Live’s team, is the ageing of the main colonies around Acropolis. The majority of cats there are seniors and would need to spend their remaining time in a warm house, full of comfort with a family ready to cuddle and look after them. If you have space in your heart and a home to welcome one of Nine Lives’ seniors, they will fill your heart with joy, pride and sunshine.

If you can’t adopt, just spread the voice or make a small donation to support volunteers keep helping Athens street cats through neutering, vet care and feeding.  

You can donate directly to Nine Lives (click here) or support our campaign “Save a stray” to help stray animals in distress in many countries across the world.