OIPA International is delighted to announce that our delegation in Cameroon is one of the four winners of the 2021 World Animal Day grant that will be funded by Naturewatch Foundation in UK and will be used to positively affect the lives of donkeys, their owners, and the entire community.

Despite the huge contribution of OIPA Cameroon to the livelihoods of many communities in the country, horses and donkeys are often neglected. Local people cannot afford their veterinary care, or purchase for them medications, antibiotics and specialised equine feed and supplements strictly necessary for their welfare and many times they don’t even know what can make the life of their 4 paws friends more comfortable. This results in a lower life expectancy for animals due to malnourishment and sickness.

This challenging project will run from September 2021 until August 2022 and will be focused on five main points:

  1. Free veterinary treatment 👉 OIPA Cameroon will examine over 1,000 donkeys in two communities Ndoukoula and Moutourwa in the Mayo-kani division in the far North region of Cameroon supplying antibiotics and painkillers and providing other appropriate veterinary care to those in need.
  2. Educate people who handle the animals (including possibly 3,500 school children aged 7-13) 👉 via face to face teaching, distribution of brochures, advice, training on different devices like donkey’s nasal protectors, leashes, tail protectors etc.
  3. Animal welfare awareness 👉 Teaching owners about how to respect and love animals, which are the correct procedure for safe load carrying, feeding, stabling and treating disease etc.
  4. Workshop training course 👉 Training for three volunteer vets to assist the donkeys in these communities for 6 months after the end of the education programme. They will provide ongoing advice, care and facilitate a positive change in attitude towards donkeys.
  5. Feeding stray donkeys 👉 in the area.

More info: https://naturewatch.org/campaign/world-animal-day/winners-of-the-world-animal-day-grant-2021