Alessia was found by OIPA Italy’s volunteers in December in the countryside, tied up to an old sofa in a dump. She was laying alone, in the cold weather, and had a huge wound on her back infected by maggots that were eating her flesh. She had not been eating for a long time and was so exhausted that could not even get up to walk. Moreover, all of her paws were severely swollen and her body was covered by sores and lesions.

Luckily, someone noticed this big 6-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff that was suffering and crying for help. OIPA’s volunteers and a team of vets rescued her and gave her a check-up. She was hypothermic, dehydrated, malnourished, anemic, suffered from dermatitis, ear infection, ehrlichiosis, lehishmaniasis, gastritis, kidnely failure and entropion (a medical condition in which the lower eyelid folds inward and obstructs vision). On top of all that, the cause of that deep lesion on her back was not clear.

Thanks to the person who noticed her, to OIPA’s volunteers, to the vets and all of you who offered your help through donations, Alessia is now doing a lot better: she has a great appetite, is gaining weight and loves to play with other dogs. The lesion on her back was caused by a benign tumor that was removed, and the wound is slowly healing. Her paws are still swollen, probably because of a circulatory problem that she has had for a long time but was never cured.

We are not sure what she had to go through in her past, but now Alessia has a loving family that will make the rest of her life great.

OIPA’s volunteers will rescue and save more and more animals thanks to your contribution, please  donate!