The recent resolution adopted by Member States during the UN Environment Assembly 2022 that recognizes for the first time the nexus between animal welfare, environment and sustainable development is an historic milestone for humans, animals and nature. This resolution recognizes the One Health approach for which human health, domestic and wild animals, plants, and the wider environment (including ecosystems) are closely linked and inter-dependent.

Because OIPA’s main mission is not only the defence of animals from any form of cruelty and abuse and the defence of animal rights, but the Organization also works in the field of environmental protection, we are proud to announce that we are registered member of the Global Waste Cleaning Network (GWCN).

GWCN is an international non-profit environmental and energy network that gathers NGOs, educational institutions, private and public sector companies, active and interested in environmental issues. The network focuses on the management and reduction of waste, which adversely affect lives, flora and fauna and ecosystems, and is dedicated to conserving and maintaining healthy oceans, coastlines, lands and the atmosphere for both people and nature.

GWCN also incorporates a Research Center served by PhDs and researchers from around the world writing articles on about 20 environmental and energy areas of specialization, global and/or with focus on specific geographical regions and countries. The research center is in partnership with the eminent School of Water, Energy and Environment of Cranfield University in the UK.

GWCN supports environmental activities, showcases, connects and trains its network members, contributes to environmental debates, fosters environmental research, and spreads environment related information in 186 countries.

Thanks GWCN for welcoming OIPA in the network!