The OIPA Delegation in Nepal is active since years with rescues and awareness programs and operates mostly in the area of Kathmandu, Kavrepalanchowk and Sindhupalchowk Districts.

They have several projects:

Approximately 80 percent of the total dog population in Nepal are un-owned or have no single owner. Pets are adopted for certain time (mostly in case of local breeds) and abandoned in street after few months or a year.

Government have no legal policy on ownership of pets (dogs and cats) and there isn’t a proper system of data and information. It is difficult to know who is the real owner and who abandoned the dogs in street after adopting.

People are unaware of pet caring systems, medications and vaccination cycle, diseases and prevention, ownership identifications and its advantages, health reports updates, etc.


  1. We organize mass anti-rabies vaccination campaigns for Rabies Eradications.
  2. We organize neutering campaigns with collaborations to local government and organizations;
  3. We aware and facilitate people on caring for pets and animals;
  4. We guide community to be responsible on Rabies Prevention and create compassionate environments for human-animal healthy life;
  5. We organize mass awareness, collage and school awareness programs for Animal Rights and Welfare. We give presentations on pet ownerships, pet care and other information related to street and ownerless dogs;
  6. We mobilize and lobby local governance, local community, youth society, clubs and social groups for establishing human-animal friendly environments.