The team of OIPA Pakistan for North Punjab has recently launched an awareness campaign entitled “How to help the poor strays” addressed to students of primary and elementary school in rural areas of North Punjab.

The goal is to educate the new generation to respect animals and teach how to assist other living beings who are less fortunate. A speaker provided children basic knowledge and advices on how everybody can easily help strays survive; highlighting which are the basic needs of an animal such as the necessity of receiving food, water and a secure shelter where to rest and recover away from dangers and bad weather conditions.

Additionally, children learned how important is to adopt responsibly, how important is to raise awareness for preventing animal cruelty abuse and how important is to report animal abuse and how important is to rescue lost or injured animals.

☀🐾 Only teaching children the respect and the pure love for animals, we might hope for a brighter future! ☀🐾