We are proud to announce the birth of our new delegation in Senegal, after months of works behind the curtains and the difficulties due to covid-19.

Today a free event hosted at the youth center of Grand Médine, city in the region of Dakar, will officially launch the activities of the delegation.

The entire day will be focused on discussing about animal protection and the speaker Doctor Amar Sow – head of Vet’Afrique veterinary cabinet – will explain in details how protecting animals is a duty for every citizens. The objective is to inform people, educate and raise awareness but also enhance the relationship human-animal. Local people will have the opportunity to learn how important is to love, respect and care for animals and prevent and report the use of violence and cruelty against them. In addition, informative leaflets will be distributed and members of the delegation, included our International Representative Mr. Elimane Lo, will be presented in order for local communities to have a reference point with whom communicate in case of necessity.

One of the bigger project of OIPA Senegal is the creation of a shelter reserved to abandoned animals and a vet clinic where to assist endangered animals with free care.

🌈 We wish OIPA Senegal the best of luck and we hope their dreams come true 🌈

If you want to support the activities for animals in Senegal, rush a donation writing “OIPA Senegal”