One of the major problems that you will notice if you visit Sri Lanka is the huge amount of stray animals roaming the streets in every town. It is estimated that there are over 3 million strays, many of whom suffer from starvation, malnutrition, diseases and severe injuries. They have no place where to find protection and no care and treatment for their illness.

In addition, most pets-owning families disregard vaccination and sterilization ending up dumping puppies on the streets or at temples. These puppies have a low chance of survival, as they are at risk of contracting diseases or being involved in road traffic accidents. That is why the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats has become a serious issue across the country.

OIPA International is therefore proud to announce the establishment of its new delegation in Sri Lanka.

The delegation, by offering vaccinations and neutering, wish to help manage the population of stray dogs and cats and reduce the risk of diseases, especially rabies. The programme aims to first improve the wellbeing of street dogs in local areas by providing daily care, food, vaccinations, rehabilitation and rehoming for vulnerable, sick and disabled dogs and at the same time improve the animal-human relationship in each community.

Recently, volunteers of OIPA Sri Lanka were engaged in rabies vaccination programmes collaborating with Municipal council of Kandy and nearly over 500 dogs were successfully vaccinated. Moreover, they carried out feeding programmes for street animals in Anuradhapura town area where more than 100 street dogs and cats are roaming.

What has been tragically observed is that many strays are ill and most of them suffer from bad skin rashes, severe body wounds and broken limbs. Those animals needs urgently medicines, medical treatments and surgeries when necessary.

OIPA Sri Lanka is ready to start a campaign to treat as many ill, injured stray dogs and cats as possible, providing them all care and vet therapies.


Just with a small donation (of 5€/10€) you can help treat a stray dog or cat in Sri Lanka