OIPA volunteers in Tunisia rescue injured cats and dogs nonstop. Last Friday it was the turn of Oscar.

When our volunteer Emanuela saw him while driving, she immediately stopped and came towards him.

The dog was exhausted and tuck into the food and water he was given by Emanuela.

The dog exhibited a deep inflamed lesion around his neck, a sure sign of an extremely tight collar.

He was loaded on the car without question and brought to the vet, who stated that his condition was quite critical: his neck wound was infested with maggots, he had a terribly high temperature, he was anaemic. He was checked out and treated by the vet without protest. He was immediately administered intravenous antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, vitamins, and painkillers.

Oscar is around ten years old and we do not know anything about his past. For sure, his life hasn’t been a happy one, at least until now. Maybe he was abandoned because he was too old, or maybe he managed to escape. Whatever his story is, OIPA volunteers will do everything to help get Oscar’s mind off it all.

Oscar requires to be hospitalized for one week because he must remain under medical supervision and needs intravenous therapy and other treatments.

As soon as he feels better, OIPA volunteers will look for a very special forever family for him.


OIPA volunteers are covering all Oscar’s medical costs. Please help them, make a donation! Causal: OIPA Tunisia – Oscar