Pepette was found badly injured by OIPA’ s volunteers and drove quickly to the nearest vet. Despite heavy exames and biopsy, doctors could not find the cause of her desease.  She lost half of her face. But thank to medical treatments she undergo to she went better.

Lately she had a bad relapse. The scare on her face is getting bigger, hurts and makes her hard to eat.

Her medical conditions got worse because of the Leishmania which makes her immune system weak. She can’t even walk well and some times she put all her weight on her front legs.

Once Leishmania’s therapies end, OIPA volunteers want do more exames and consider the possibility of another surgery to replace the facial skin.

Whoever can help this 6 years old poor little dog can give a contribution for her medical care or for the vet food which is the only one she can eat.

This is a list with medicines she needs: glucantime, zincogen perle, allopurinolo, tablet antibiotics, sanitary napkins, syringes and gauzes.




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Write Causal “PEPETTE– OIPA” and the exact amount
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Write Causal “PEPETTE– OIPA” and the exact amount