The voice of a desperate woman was asking for help on the phone. She called the emergency hotline of our delegation OIPA Cameroon for her beloved cat that she found in terrible condition. She wasn’t able to explain the reason, she was just afraid of losing her 4-paws friend. The kitten was found suffering crouched in the waste, completely immobilized and without showing signs of reaction.

When the rescue team of OIPA Cameroon arrived on site, the symptoms of the illness were clear. The cat had eaten something poisonous and needed immediate treatment not to die. The rescue mission was rapid and successful.The kitten reacted promptly and returned into the arms of her human mum.

We want to remind that OIPA Cameroon is the first and only organization in the whole country with a mobile veterinary clinic that provides free health care to animals. The team is working tirelessly to safe animals that are desperately in need of medical attention and thanks to the support of SPCA International that has recently donated a huge amount of medical supplies, the clinic is still running.

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