The Municipality of São Paulo in Brazil, actively committed to animal protection and welfare, offers a support program to the local animal foster guardians through its Coordination for Health and Protection of Domestic Animals Division.

In São Paulo independent animal foster guardians are private individuals, not linked to any animal protection NGOs recognized by the city, who rescue abandoned or at risk cats and dogs and voluntarily offer them the necessary assistance (food, treatments, care, foster) to recover from bad living conditions and help them to finally find a responsible adoption. In other cases, once animals are back in a good state of health, foster guardians return them to the community in which they live after surgical sterilization and vaccination.

The work of the animal foster guardians is well considered and seen as mutually beneficial by the Municipality of San Paolo.

São Paulo City Hall recognizes the action of the engaged and altruist citizens that feel compassion and love for animals and defend a more etic society for this reason the municipality offers annually a quota of surgical sterilization procedures on its own Surgical Centers exclusively addressed to the independent guardians of the city registered in the program.

The Animal Foster Guardians support program offers the following services:

– Surgical sterilization for dogs and cats without quantity restriction;

– Anti-rabies vaccination and microchipping of animals neutered/spayed by the program

A project that should be taken as example by many other cities around the world where animals do not get the same treatment and instead are neglected and left all alone.