Our member league association Creature Comfort – SASCAP (Strays Animals Safety and Caring Aid Providers) urgently asks for help. They have to move from their actual sanctuary shifting to another place in Karachi that unfortunately is still in construction with all the healthy, injured and sick animals they daily care and assist (more than 100).

Government and public authorities do not provide any financial support. The association is totally alone to bear costs and expenses necessary to run the shelter and provide those animals food, medication and all the needed care.

In addition, now that they have to transfer to another location it is necessary to pay transportation cost for many animals.

The aim of the association is not only focus on educating people of their local community, but also on providing necessary protection, food, treatment, relocation services, and overall rescue of dogs (and other animals such as donkeys) across the city of Karachi under certain policies.

SASCAP focuses on those cases that pertain to dog and donkey abuse, whether they may be minor injuries, extreme physical abuse on the streets, or those who may be subject to being purposely poisoned and killed by authorities and civilians.

It is their humble request to kindly extend your hand and support the association’s work and guarantee those animals a new place where to feel protected.

For International Donors: ◾ Paypal: Sascap.official20@gmail.com