A car hit her but as happens most of the time the driver didn’t stop to assist the injured dog because, at the end, is just a dog!

A poor female puppy of not even 3 months old was left suffering on a road of Sumgayit city. Alone, afraid and with the eyes full of fear. Some people had mercy for her and asked OIPA Azerbaijan to intervene. Our representative rushed immediately to help the dog carrying the animal to the vet.

Selin, this is the name of the puppy, had deep wounds to both back legs, a bad fracture of the right back limb and presumably a fracture of the pelvis and the tail. An x-ray will soon reveal how serious her health conditions are, while a surgery is planning to be scheduled very soon.

Selin deserves a new life and we may offer her a chance to recover with your help. Your contribution will be used to pay vet exams, surgery, therapy and treatment and give this little warrior a chance.

❤️ Help Selin and OIPA Azerbaijan ❤️