A boy was walking his dog followed by their beloved four paw stray friend Sharik when suddenly a car drove up closed to them. Sharik approached the car waiting for treats, because he had always trusted people, BUT HE GOT A SHOT IN THE EYE FROM A PNEUMATIC WEAPON. From the impact of the shot, the dog flew off and howled terribly as the teenager reported to the police.

The driver and his friend not only violated article 274 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Azerbaijan Republic on “cruelty to animals”, but they also use weapons in a public place and threatened the child.

The case is now under investigation and we hope that police will not close the case leaving the crime unpunished but will give justice to Sharik.

In Azerbaijan, there is no proper law on protecting animals and criminals go unpunished because the life of a stray animal is worth nothing.