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OIPA has joined the European campaign STOP VIVISECTION which calls for a new European directive on animal experimentation.

Since the 1st April 2012, the European Citizen Initiative grants European citizens the right to take part in the EU law making process by collecting 1 million of signatures. A Citizen Initiative is an invitation addressed to the European Commission to propose a new legal act in policy areas where the EU has competence. To be valid, the initiative has to be supported by at least one million of European citizens of at least 7 of the 28 member states of the EU (a minimum number of signatures is also required for each of the 7 countries).

Locandina_ENG_lrSTOP VIVISECTION gives the European citizens the right to say NO to animal experimentation and calls for a more advanced science protecting both human and animal wellbeing.
Through this initiative, European citizens can urge the abrogation of the directive 2010/63/UE (said “on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes”) and ask for a new directive that does away with animal experimentation and makes compulsory the use, in biomedical and toxicological research, of data relevant for the human species.

So far, the quorum has been reached only in three countries, Italy, Slovenia and Belgium, and if the initiative does not reach the quorum in at least five other member states, there is the risk it will be not taken in consideration by the Commission.

In order to give higher visibility to STOP VIVISECTION in the other European countries involved, OIPA has established a collaboration with Almo Nature, a pet food cruelty free firm, which foresees the production of a video teaser to be publicized in August, anticipating a TV spot that is broadcasted on some Italian and German TV stations.

Sign the online petition: http://www.stopvivisection.eu
9 september 2013