It has snowed for over a week in Istanbul and while we are sitting comfortably on a soft sofa with our pets in a warm home, many stray dogs are trying to survive to the bad weather in Kurtkoy Forest in Turkey.

Many puppies have been born in the last period and they are now trying to get through the severe cold hiding all together inside makeshift shelters.

Stray dogs roam around the outskirts of the city searching for something to eat to alleviate their hunger, but it’s very difficult to find food with the heavy snow.

Their only hope is the arrival of volunteers who rush to feed them every day despite the extreme weather conditions.

OIPA Turkey’s volunteers know that they have nobody else. Dogs are so many and so much hungry that can’t be left alone even a single day otherwise they will die.

Their happiness, their loving gaze, their trust can’t be betrayed: their life is worth more than any other obstacles.


All donations will be used to guarantee a respectable life to all these homeless dogs.

You can donate here specifying “OIPA Turkey”

or buy directly food at the following links: