Animals Lebanon, member league of OIPA International, was founded in 2008 and has been awarded over the years for the breadth and impact of its work – joining international conventions, fighting the trafficking of endangered species, closing zoos and circuses, rescuing thousands of animals, responding to help requests and integrating animal welfare into national school.  Most significantly, the association drafted the Animal Protection and Welfare Law and lobbied all levels of government to see it came into force in 2017, protecting all animals now and for the years to come.

Unfortunately, today the situation is extremely tough due to the ongoing protests and the economic and financial collapse of the entire country. Poverty, inflation, unemployment and business closures have all increased drastically. People are abandoning their pets due to this sudden inflation and others have dumped their pets due to misconception about Coronavirus.

Animals Lebanon is struggling to survive, and with them, all the animals they daily rescue and protect against cruelty and abandon. Local dedicated donors and companies do not have economic possibilities to support the association and contribute to guarantee a better future to the animals that now are left behind.

The association does not want to give up and is working as hard as ever to continue make the Country a better place for animals. They are trying to keep the organization alive and get through the drastic period.  Their operating funds and savings are frozen and inaccessible, so they need help and contributions from donors all around the world.

Help OIPA International to support the activities of Animals Lebanon, do not forget to specify “Animals Lebanon” as reason for donation.

Together we can create a more compassionate society towards animals.