Our member league “Sava’s Safe Haven” has received the first 15,000€ provided by OIPA International thanks to your precious support to the fundraising “Emergency Ukraine”. Donations sent have been already and will be used to buy food, crates, bowls, blankets, leashes, medicines, vitamins, harnesses and any other necessary supply for pets coming with their families from Ukraine into the border of Romania and for animals who have no owners or need to be fostered until the war we all hope will be over soon.

Sava’s has a shelter placed in Galati and every day volunteers go at the customs of Isaceea (the most used), Giurgiulesti and Oancea, to welcome and assist families and people fleeing from the South of Ukraine with their animals and they work round the clock to give first aid and support. Sava’s Safe Haven does offer vet checks and care and they help fill papers and documentations for animals.

Recently, they’ve purchased an emergency unit with 30 stations, located nearby their shelter to give first aid to the Ukrainian animals.

Alexandra – Head of Sava’s – wants to thank all OIPA’s supporters and donors who are contributing to the fundraising “Emergency Ukraine” because this huge solidarity chain allows her association to help many animals that are victims of the war.

Sava’s shelter hosts over 250 animals, reason why the work of volunteers does never end. Two days ago, on the way back from the border, they rescued a dog abandoned on the side of a street and helped a woman who arrived at Isaceea with 12 dogs and who had lost everything, even her home because of the war. Our member league took her to Bucharest and found accommodation for her and her dogs.

Continue to support OIPA and its member league associations for the “Emergency Ukraine”

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