EURO 2012 championship is finished but OIPA still supports Ukrainian strays.
In Ukraine there are several groups of volunteers involved in rescue strays from the streets, not safe places because of poisoning and killings. They save especially ill dogs from the dangerous streets and from municipal structures where dogs will be euthanized in a few days.

Among these groups, the OIPA member league Gorlovka Social Organization on Stray Animals Defence runs a shelter in the Donetsk region with about 140 dogs and cats. The shelter opened in April 2011 and it survives thanks to the work of volunteers and their donations, which allow paying sterilizations and maintenance.
The municipal authorities of Gorlovka don’t help the shelter and they even require the payment of the rent.

It’s necessary to expand the structure and create a veterinary clinic inside the shelter. The presence of the veterinary will be fundamental, because he can ensure medical cares in case of emergency and he will monitor daily the health of the animals. That’s why the project is to renovating an abandoned old building to use it as a veterinary clinic.
This useful project will be monitored and supported by OIPA, thanks to donations received for Ukraine animals.

Donetsk area is sadly famous because of the pit used by the municipality to throw dead dogs. In January 2012, the OIPA member league made a shocking video of this macabre pit.

Weeks ago we told the terrible story of Nastia, the bear cub snatched from her mother in the Lutsk zoo for use it as a tourist attraction. The good news is that on the beginning of July the animal organization Four Paws rescued Nastia from the clutches of animal traders and removed her from the private zoo where she was prisoned.

Four Paws affirmed that Nastia has some health problems, such as underweight and malnourished because of poor nutrition, problems with teeth and diarrhea, so she was treated with antibiotics and vitamins. Nastia has been reunited with her mom Masha in Lutsk, who has slowly recognized her.

Four Paws fights for the liberation of brown bears in Ukraine and in other countries.
Watch the video of the rescue of Nasta by Four Paws:

Elisa Norelli
OIPA International Campaigns Director