Over thirty animal welfare and protection organizations from 14 countries across the world have endorsed the U.S. Greyhound Protection Act (Greyhound-Protection-Act-Endorsements), the first federal bill in US history to end dog racing. Sponsored in chief by Representative Tony Cárdenas of California, H.R. 3335, the Greyhound Protection Act will make it a federal crime to engage in commercial dog racing.

Led by OIPA International, the Global Greyhound Coalition sent a letter to each of the U.S. Congress member in sincere support of the U.S. Greyhound Protection Act (H.R. 3335) encouraging them to support in turn the proposed legislation that may represent a remarkable opportunity for ending the cruelty of dog racing in the United States.

Thanks to this historic bill, American greyhounds not only will not be subjected to a commercial life of confinement, risk of severe injuries and in many cases even death, but the American gambling market will no longer prop up the cruelty of dog racing overseas.

This letter and this protection act should be taken as example for proposing a definitive stop to commercial dog racing worldwide. Around the world, greyhounds are bred and killed for the only purpose of wagering on their life. Greyhounds also continue to be subjected to the gruesome activity of live baiting or “blooding,” a practice in which small animals are chased and killed to train young hounds for racing. A cruelty over another animal cruelty.

Millions of members of the global community are asking at loud voice to put an end to this industry.



We take the occasion to thank Grey2K USA for the great opportunity given of representing the entire coalition