OIPA’s member league Voice of Animal Nepal is a small organization that despite the size conducts many animal welfare activities like medical treatment to street animals, Anti Rabies Vaccination and Awareness program on Rabies, animal rights and protection , Dog population management (Spay & Neuter) program, Animal law advocacy and a program in disaster relief for animals in despair. Under this last program, they have still been feeding street dogs since the lockdown began in Nepal in March 2020.

The team provide medical treatment to stray animals and has recently launched an initiative to give assistance and save injured and wounded senior dogs on the road often hit by vehicles and left to die. The condition of these dogs is miserable because nobody is there to help them. These dogs are so fragile because of the age that without a proper medical treatment at the right time they would not survive.

Voice of Animal Nepal receives many phone calls during the day asking for their intervention for treating and rescuing injured, sick and elderly dogs, but their activity is very limited at the moment due to the lack of funds and resources. They don’t have a proper vet ambulance so they use a van or a motorbike to run on site, give first aid assistance and then transfer the animals to clinics until their recovery.

With your support we can help Voice of Animal Nepal save the lives of many other adult and senior dogs that otherwise wouldn’t survive.

You can make a donation directly to Voice of Animal Nepal or supporting our campaign“Save a Stray”